Thursday, March 6, 2008


5 march 2008, maroon 5 live in manila. it wont be soon before long concert

2 years ago, i said to my friend that if ever maroon 5 would have a concert here. i would never pass a chance not to see them.

and now, here i am recalling everything that happened in the concert!

it was scheduled to start 8pm but there are a lot late comers from the patron VIP section so the show started 845pm.

as soon as Adam stepped on the stage everybody started screaming...including me! wehehe! he greeted everyone by saying, "magandang gabi sa." [translation: good evening to ] maybe he forgot the next line.. it should be, magandang gabi sa inyong lahat. [good evening to everyone/to all of you]

right away they sang... if i never see your face again the crowd went crazy. as the song ended, the stage went dark. [ nice light effects]

next song was, makes me wonder, the crowd sang with Adam and danced to his music.

im not a really good judge in music... i know little about it. but i can say that maroon 5 rocks!!! asteeg live performance nila! i was blown away!

third song was, harder to breathe. galing nun drums!!! [love ko na ung drummer!!!] after the third song, Adam talked to the crowd. "hello, philippines!" ,then waves at the crowd. [awww...]

he said that he learned two things, he learned 'hello', then he said " magandang gabi sa inyong lahat. my pronuanciation is kinda new so gimme a break here. i also learned, isa (1), dalawa (2), tatlo (3) , apat (4) but i got scared but i gonna try it again. isa, dalawa,tatlo, apat. [he repeated it] isa, dalawa, tatlo, apat. " [together with the drums beating] then he encouraged the crowd to count with him. isa, dalawa,tatlo, apat, then he sang the sun. ang galing, super kewl! during the song he picked up his guitar and jammed with the lead guitarist!!! galing galing, pwamis!!!

after 3 to 4 songs, they finally sang, this love and the crowd sang with him. after the song, the whole band left the stage. the crowd including me, jeered and cheered for them to come back.

2 minutes had passed, they went back to the stage... Adam saw a girl holding a card that says, maroon5 mahal kita!. adam said that it's nice to feel loved... they have been touring for quite some time, and they have been far away from home...but here they felt that they were really at home, and they feel welcomed and this is ONE OF THE BEST CONCERTS THEY HAD BEEN IN!

and then he sang, she will be loved...half way through the song the whole band paused... Adam looked at the audience and smiled. he looked really pleased with his Filipino audience, he just smiled and looked at the crowd for almost a minute or two. i can see from his face that he was overwhelmed by the audience reception towards to his band. [awww... cute nya tignan, lalo na pag nag smile! gwapo nya talaga! love ko na talaga cia! shyet, hati na puso ko sa kanila nun drummer!] then the drums started beating again and continued the song.

i forgot the last song they sang... as they finish they whole band went infront and all took a bow to the amazing crowd.

kinda bitin! we want more! i want mooooore!!! asteeg! ang galing talaga, bitin nga lang! i'll watch again if ever they'll be back! keep rockin' maroon 5!!!

eto lang masasabi ko.... to borrow maroon 5's lyrics...

cause you keep me coming back for more
and I feel a little better than I did before
if i never see your face again, i don't mind
cause we got much further than i thought we'd get tonight

eto pa...
it's not over tonight
just give me one more chance to make it right
i may not make it through the night

i won't go home without you

i wont go home without you talaga, adam!!!


Askmewhats said...

shucks goddess! Inggit ako! nanood ka!!! haaay super inggit!! Glad you loved it! A lot of my friends who went talagang super sulit daw!

gaiLie said...

yep, kasama ko bogart nanood. sayang, sana nanood ka rin para madami tayo. wehehe!