Tuesday, May 18, 2010


i hurt myself (unintentionally). scraped my foot on the screen door's bottom edge. it hurts like hell! i was laughing and crying at the same time; laughing at my own stupidity and crying because it hurts real bad. i was crying for at least 10minutes.

after awhile the pain subsides, it's still there but it became bearable.

it got me thinking, life's like that, sometimes, we thought pain is the end of our lives but eventually it will subside and becomes bearable, until we cannot feel the pain anymore.

as they say, time heals all wounds.


pmm012 said...

aray.. i had a foor accident with a door too.. it ripped my 2nd and 3rd toe apart for about 2 1.5 inches. i lost a lot of blood and needed stitches for it to close.. hahaha. hows that for an injury???

kikilabotz said...

tama darating ang panahon na yung pain n iniinda natin ay hindi na natin mararamdaman.

nxt tyme konting ingat ok?

gaiLie said...

@paolo: yeooouch! mas masakit ang nangyari sayo. may stitches pa! kailangan talaga naten mag-ingat. :)

@kikilabotz: thank you sa pagdaan sa blog ko. at sa pag comment. :D

mag-iingat na talaga ko next time. :)