Saturday, October 25, 2008

28 realizations

28 years on earth, here are some of my realizations...

1. do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do.
2. do not 'live' in your comfort zone rather LEAVE your comfort zone and take risks!
3. the only way to move forward to leave the past behind.
4. you'll never know what you have till it's gone... i learned this the hard way
5. don't pass up the chance to rediscover one's self, learn something new about you everyday.
6. i think i've found my soulmate but finding your soulmate doesn't mean you'll end up together.
7. i learn to let go of the person who loved me dearly because he doesn't deserve me... he deserved someone better... he got less for what he bargained for...
8. i should always watch my back coz there are alot of creeps around
9. i've been called bitch and snake and i'll take that as a compliment coz i know myself better than anyone else!
10. sometimes its better to do things spontaneously... like date someone you just met
11. first love doesn't mean it'll be your last
12. a simple compliment could brighten my day
13. i'm never too old to try and learn something
14. say what you feel before it's too late
15. some things don't go as planned... prepare for plan B and detours
16. if you don't harness your talent... eventually it'll be gone
17. i can't please everybody, people have different opinions about everything
18. when i was young, i want to grow up fast. when September comes, i count the days 'till 24th of October so i can be a year older, now that i'm a grown up (that's what i think, wehehe!), i want the days to be in slow motion...
19. i have a twin sister (we are the evil twins) but we're not related. when were together we cause havoc and laughter.
20. i create my own destiny, i am responsible for my own actions, i am the only one to blame.
21. as they say, life's a journey. i try to enjoy it even if its a bumpy ride.
22. a smile can break the ice and can start a new friendship, i even got a free chocolate from someone just by smiling.
23. hope makes me hold on to something and faith makes me hold it even tighter.
24. an ordinary moment with "him" becomes extraordinary even if its just eating burgers, or a crazy ride home or just hanging out and laughing your assess off at a silly story.
25. i'd rather invest in the 'intangibles' than those expensive new gadgets nothing compares to the excitement and exhilaration in visiting new places, meeting new people and learning new culture.
26. the world will not stop for me when i'm in pain, it will not help me get up when i stumble. life goes on with or without me. i need to stand up, pick up the pieces, be brave, gear up, put my game face on and be ready for the next challenge.
27. my greatest enemy is MYSELF and my greatest ally is GOD. the greatest battle takes place inside one's self and the greatest victory is surrendering it up all to HIM!
28. it's really hard to let go of the person you don't even have... coz you don't know where it all began and where will it end.

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