Monday, May 3, 2010

how NOT to attend a training

I have a training tomorrow. As per initial schedule, there were 2 of us attending the training. But when the final list was sent, I learned that I would be attending the training alone.

I dread attending the training alone specially when I get to stay at the condo. I have several unpleasant experiences there, like this loser moment which made me mad! and on a lighter note, i also have another loser moment, this time, with Joshua.

Been to Kuala Lumpur many times but in the past years we stay at the airport hotel. Even though it is far from the city, it's accessible. And I can go to the city anytime all by myself. Meanwhile, the condo that we were at, is near the city but not that accessible. It's a residential area, mostly people there have cars so the only transpo that we can avail of is a taxi.

Over the past days, I have thought of schemes on how NOT to attend my training.

scheme#1 pretend that I lost my passport.
scheme#2 tell them that my passport is still with DFA for renewal
scheme#3 deliberately miss my flight! I'll show up late!
scheme#4 feign a contagious diseases such as chicken pox and sore eyes. i will definitely be offloaded from flight.
scheme#5 staged a mini-mishap, as bogart suggests, a mishap with semi-crippling effect, like sprained ankle which would require me on cast.

anyway, wish me luck. hopefully next month no more training. but I doubt it! 


pmm012 said...

best advice for you is, just do it. If it goes well, ok. If it goes bad, you can always write about it in your blog.. hehehe.. :-) ingats!!

gaiLie said...

just got back. oh well, meron naman improvements, but some things never change. hehe!