Tuesday, September 9, 2008

looooosers in KL

a loosers travel journal

26th August

looser moment #1

* 4 hrs flight with nothing to do. we did everything we could to get some sleep but we can't fall asleep. looosers, GaiLie and Josh took photos of themselves doing nothing.

happy losers

looser moment # 2

* upon arrival in KL, we went to the booth where we usually get information about our transfers. we didn't know that we no longer have a tie-up with the bus/van company. so went to our head office and asked about our transfer. the girl in-charge gave the plate number of the van. so we waited, waited and waited. while waiting, we took some photos again! i didn't know if we were too busy taking photos or what... but i noticed a van passed by, i looked at the plate number, and lo and behold, its our service! ugh! too left without us!

tired of waiting, we just took a cab. hopefully, the company will reimburse what we paid for. its kinda expensive, 58myr. we should have took the cab in the first place rather than waiting for the van! looser!

looser moment # 3

* GaiLie and Josh ate dinner at the bistro. I think we ordered alot, prompting the owner asked how many persons are eating! We answered 2! She was really curious!

now you see it...

*gailie - fried kway teow *josh - fish and chips *gail and josh -kampung rice

now you don't....

looser moment # 4

* after a hearty meal, we agreed to take a dip at the pool. so, i went to my room and change. when i got back, Josh was already swimming. not wanting to be outbeaten by Josh, i immediately took a dip. i didn't know that the water was freezing cold. nevertheless, we continued our swimming session even if its just the 2 of us enduring the cold water. after an hour or so, Josh and I were freezing to death. what a looser!

27th August

loooser moment # 5

*the night before the training, i told my roomates that the bus will pick us at 8am but we need to be at the lobby by 730am. the following morning, by 730, i'm all set and ready to go. but my roomates are still preparing. then Josh sent a text message saying, he's at the lobby and the bus is already there. i told my roomates that the bus is at the parking area waiting for trainees. 5minutes had passed, i told them that we need to hurry up because the bus might leave any moment. Josh was inside the bus reserving my seat. as we were waiting for the lift, Josh sent another SMS saying that the bus had left and he wasn't able to stop it. ugh! no more bus! again?!

trainee #1

good thing, my roomate knew the mobile number of 1 of the van drivers. so, they called the driver and we had a service going to the academy. thankfully, the rest of the day went smoothly. FYI, i aced my exam! yahoo!!!

trainee #2

looser moment # 6

*dinnertime! we ate at the bistro again. ( coz we were too lazy to get out of the condo and walk for a few blocks to eat.) the owner immediately recognized us. she went to our table and told us that when she saw the orders, she asked the server who ordered those foods. when she learned that it was us, she wasn't surprised. (hmmm...i wonder, what does she think about us?!) wehehe!

*gail - veggie rice and nuggets & fries *josh - sirloin steak and thai rice

whoa! what an appetite!

28th August

looser moment #7

* 0545, at the airport, Josh and I went to our designated counters to check-in for our flight. he'll be going back to Philippines and as for me, i'm off to see Nelly in HongKong. i bought a couple of canned goods and i asked Josh to bring it to Philippines and i'll just get from him when i arrived. he asked the counter agent if can bring it on board in his cabin baggage. they didn't understand each other well, so Josh decided to have it as hand carry. at the final x-ray, he was stopped by the security. his bag was re-scanned and they asked him to check in the canned goods. (sorry, Josh!)

before my boarding call Josh got back from the counter. we said our goodbyes, he was kinda sad. he was supposed to go with to HK but his vacation leave was not approved. poor Josh, next time,we'll plan it carefully.

KL snapshots (bye,KL till next time!)

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