Monday, September 8, 2008

KL with nelly

goodbye Kota Kinabalu


> oh no! <

From Kota Kinabalu, Nelly and I continued our adventure in Kuala Lumpur. At Kota Kinabalu airport, flights to KL were all full. And the bad news is I'm on standby, 5th from the standby list! Good thing, I made it to the flight or else, nelly will have to wait for me in KL for 4 hours. The next flight to KL will be in 2 hours (which is also fully booked) plus another 2 hours flying time.

> welcome to KL <
Upon arrival in KL, we decided to go KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) to take the KL Express train, normal fare is around 30MYR but since we have our airline ID we can get it at 15MYR. Bus to the city costs 9MYR its cheaper but travel time is about 1hr and 15mins compared to 30mins travel time via KL Express. Paying a small difference to save time I think is a good choice.

>resisting temptation<

We arrived at the city around 2pm and after checking in at the hotel, we immediately head to Plaza Low Yat to buy camera for my mom's friend. I also scout for my dream camera, Canon 450d. The Canon booth at ground floor was on sale. I was tempted to buy my dream camera but I had just enough cash to spend during my stay in KL and besides I'm saving up for my trip to HongKong which is in 2 weeks.

The guy at the counter said that I can pay using my credit card. Thankfully, I mastered the art of self-control. And I declined the guy's offer, telling him, I'll be in KL again in 2weeks time.

By the way, Nelly had a brand new450d, my dream cam! He brought it along in KK and in KL. So, it was really difficult for me to restrain myself from buying the 450d because I can see Nelly using it. And I can see the difference in quality, not that my camera is no good ( i looooove my Canon ixus75) but i also want a DSLR cam for my photography lesson.

> the tourist and the tour guide <

After buying the camera for my mom's friend. I brought Nelly to KLCC to see the world-renowned Petronas Tower. He had his photo op and I was his photographer/tour guide.

nelly at KLCC (hirap kunin ng shot na 'to ha, nakaluhod na ko sa sahig!)

> Nelly's treat <

To capped the night, we ate dinner at Nando's, a famous restaurant in KL. As it turns out, it's Nelly's favorite restaurant in Australia. And he was surprised to know that they have Nando's in KL.

tickle your taste buds,Nelly!


> souvenir hunting <

had a quick breakfast at the hotel, then we head to Petaling Street (Chinatown) to buy some souvenirs for his colleagues and staff. But we were too early as most of the stalls were still close. so, I decided to bring him to Central Market since it's very near to Petaling Street.

pasar seni station (on our way to Chinatown)

>Genting Experience< Genting here we come!

gondola ride, indoor theme park

our next stop is Genting Highlands. It was foggy and we cannot see anything from our cable car. when we arrived in Genting, it rained and we didn't get to enjoy the outdoor theme park. we just roam around indoor themepark and check out some shops that are on sale. then we took some photos and ate lunch. after which, we decided to cut short our Genting experience.

>so near yet so far!<

on our way back, the cable car stopped for a minute but for me it seemed like eternity. I was kinda scared because it was my first time to experience such thing. and it was raining! from where we stopped, I can see the cable car station. I recorded the whole experience, hopefully, I can upload it here. I was telling Nelly that, that moment was the perfect description of 'so near yet so far!' Nelly was just laughing at me the whole time, bad nelly! wehehe! after a minute, the cable car started to move again. what a relief!

> last minute shopping <

since i barely had the energy to walk to show Nelly around KL. i decided to take him to Sungei Wang and the nearby malls at Bukit Bintang since it's quite near our hotel.

i let him shop but he didn't get to buy anything. as for me, i just bought some coffee (Old Town Coffee, my family's favorite). i am really really exhaustedso we decided to order some food and just eat it at our room.

late night dinner at the hotel

>the adventure ends<
my return flight is 0720 so i need to be at the airport around 5am. the travel time from city to the airport is about 1 hr and 15mins. with just 2 hours of sleep, I left the hotel at 0330 to catch the 4am bus going to the airport. I gave last minute directions to Nelly coz it's his first time in KL and he'll be left alone. his flight is at 12noon. I arrived at the bus station at exactly 0350, just in time before the 4am bus leaves.

solo flight home



Askmewhats said...

Goddess ang dami mo nang napupuntahan at take note, ilang beses ka na sa KL? hahah 2nd home na talaga to!

Sis, wow...Canon 450d when do you plan to buy?? IPON NA!!!!

gaiLie said...

yeah, KL is my second home, it think its my 12th time there. nyehehe!

i'm planning to buy Canon 450d in KL. It's cheaper there, it costs around 29k inclusive of accessories and ung warranty naman is worldwide so i can have it fixed here in case there's a problem. hopefully, i can save up! wehehe!