Saturday, September 6, 2008

de-stress or distress

after a stressful flight, we decided to eat out and de-stress. most of the time, our way of coping with stress is to talk about anything. topics ranging from difficult passengers to work scheds to future and uncertainty.

this time the topic is our favorite subject; boys, love and hapiness.

g1: ever had that someone who you can be with and do nothing but still feel so happy whenever you're with that person?

g2: yeah, i had this boy once, we woud just go to McDonald's eat quarter pounder and sit for a couple of hours to chat, after he would drive me home and it feels like we had the best day of our lives.

g1: i also knew someone like that, we would just sit there and laugh till our stomach hurts. and it feels like we had a blast!

g2: its nice to have someone like that... it feels great when you're with that person.

g1: yep, i agree but where are they right now?!

g2: mine's just around the corner, i get to see him almost everyday but we can't do what we used to do because of some complications.

g1: me?! i haven't seen him for years but i know someday we'll see each other and maybe pick up where we left off.

g2: now it's getting more stressful. wahaha!


Askmewhats said...

Hi gailash! I am wondering who G1 and G2 is! hahahha

gaiLie said...

wahaha! it's a secret!

Askmewhats said...

kaw ha may secret ka pang nalalaman!

Anonymous said...

I think kilala ko si G1 at G2...hmmmmm.....ako ba to?