Sunday, May 2, 2010

i heart Ilocos DAY 4: Viva Vigan!

Viva Vigan

Here's a rundown of what we've done on our 4th day in Ilocos.

Vigan Longganisa

Got a chance to taste Vigan’s famous longganisa during breakfast. It has a powerful taste of garlic in it compared to the normal sweet tasting longganisa in Manila. 

Kalesa tour
We availed of the Kalesa Tour which brought us to different Vigan sites.

St. Augustine Church and Bell Tower

Crisologo and Syquia Museum

The Crisologo is one of Ilocos Norte’s famous political family. The museum showcased the assassination of the elder Crisologo.

Syquia museum shows the late President Elpidio Quirino’s home and life. Some interesting piece I saw was the replica of  Juan Luna’s Spolarium, old expresso bottles, antique furnitures and a very old fashion ref which functions without electricity.

Chavit Singson’s private zoo where his pets are kept. It is open to public for free. There were different kinds of birds, zebras, camel, monkeys, snakes, tigers and more , and a butterfly farm. We were also able to watch animal show.

Hidden Garden
A private owned garden cafe where we can buy plants; or can just chill with nature; of maybe you can do both.

Power Lunch
After the Kalesa Tour, we went back to the hotel to pack our things and do some last minute pasalubong shopping. Our plan was to leave Vigan at 6pm, so before leaving we need to fill our hungry stomachs. Ate at Café Leona, we wanted to dine outside on the streets to experience the al-fresco dining like eating along Paris’ side streets but it was too hot to stay outside. We just ate inside and imagine we were somewhere else since everyone inside are foreigners. We tried sisig bagnet; can't have enough of bagnet. hehe!

@630pm, we bade Vigan goodbye and endured the 8-hour bus ride going home.

I think Vigan is good for an overnight tour, though colonial houses are must see. it's just 3-6 blocks of cobble-stoned streets and Spanish styled houses which you can explore in a day. Vigan maybe your staring point to see Ilocos region, or maybe your last stop, just like what we did. Either way, you'll definitely enjoy Ilocos region. See yah!

5000PHP or less

several people asked me how much my Ilocos tour cost. I'll give you the breakdown of my expenses...

day1     manila-pagudpud bus via RCJ        500
            brunch (saud beach resort)           150
            dinner (terra rika)                        150
            entrance fees/tips/ misc expenses  100     
Total for day1= 900

day2    brunch (saud beach resort)              150
           dinner (emohour restaurant)           150
           polaris resort (2400/2 nyts/ 3pax)   800   
 Total for day2=1100

day3   lunch                                              150
          dinner (max's restaurant)                150
          guide/van transpo (5500/5pax)      1100
          laoag-vigan bus                               120     
Total for day3=1520

day4 grandpa's inn (2100/1nyt/3pax)        700
         lunch (cafe leona)                            150
         kalesa tour (600/3pax)                    200
         bus to MNL                                     370     
Total for day4= 1420

*this does not include pasalubong expenses

this would be even cheaper if you bring your own food for breakfast like cup noodles, biscuits and breads, and if you have a larger group to share the expenses with.

Ilocos smitten us; hope you can visit it too!
tired but enjoyed Ilocos!

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