Sunday, July 20, 2008

lost in translation

this is my 8th time in KL and day 1 was a disaster.

my flight arrived 15 mins ahead of schedule so i thought i have enough time to look for the van that would pick me up. the scheduled pick up is at 1615. i was outside the arrival hall waiting... waiting... waiting...

loser conversation 1

gaiLie: excuse me, sir, do you know where's the van going to _____ condo?
guy 1: no

gaiLie: do you know...........
guy 2: do you have a ticket?
gaiLie: no, i don't have a ticket... it's already pre-arranged, i'm just waiting for it. do you know where they usually park?
guy 2: no

gaiLie: do you know....
guy 3: must go to the city first, then take a cab blah...blah..blah...

gaiLie: do you know....
guy 4: you look for a red van infront of The Coffee Bean
gaiLie: thanks (finally! someone knew what i was talking about. so, i waited for another 10mins... there was no red van in sight... i'm feeling like a real loser at that time)

frustated, exhausted and hungry... i went to our head office and asked regarding the transport provided for those attending the training. the receptionist gave me directions on how to get in touch with the one in-charge for our airport transfers.

so, i went to the bus counter... there were 2 girls asking for transport going to the same condo as i was. i introduced myself and told them, i too, was looking for the van/bus. turns out, these 2 girls will be attending the same training as mine.

i was relieved and happy but only for a few seconds, the girls will be going to the city. they gave me the number of the girl in-charge and told me that the bus will arrive 5pm. at 5, still no van in sight, so i called the 'van girl' . she told me to wait for 30mins. now, i'm really annoyed but what can i do, i don't have the address of the condo, i don't know how to get there. so i just waited for the next scheduled pick-up.

i went to mc donald's to grab something to eat, im starving. i haven't eaten anything since i left philippines. as i was about to take bite on my precious meal, my mobile rang. the 'van girl' told me that the van is already outside the airport. i quickly went outside and look for the van. but i can't find it.

loser conversation 2

gaiLie: hi, this is gail. i'm have been waiting for the van for 5 mins but i can't see anything. i'm infront of The Coffee Bean. Where did the van parked?
van girl: you go outside. look for RED van!
gaiLie: im outside! right infront of The Coffee Bean!
van girl: go outside,you see red bus? skybus?
gaiLie: yes, Sky bus. but i thought i was skyvan!
van girl: no, bus! B-U-S! red! infront of skybus is skyvan.
gaiLie: ok i'll check!

there is no van infront of the red bus, just another bus, and another bus, then another bus. no van! so, i asked the man standing nearby. someone overheard our conversation, a man approached me and said he was the driver of the van going to the condo! finally! when i saw the van, it was not red. not a bit of red in it! it's white and green. if i'm not that exhausted, i'd go back to the counter and i'll tell the van girl, where's the RED she's talking about!
what a day!


Askmewhats said...

Gosh I am so irritated when I'm reading your post! those are..a bunch of..."&&**%^%&&*"!!!!! and come to think of it, I seldom gets angry, I am so sorry to here that part of the travel!

gaiLie said...

yeah, i was kinda irritated at what happened. but i was too tired to argue with them.