Tuesday, May 10, 2011

reliving the bangkok experience

I went to Bangkok,  December last year for a 3 day trip. this was my second time to visit Thailand's capital. I was so excited to go there then a few weeks before my trip he said his infamous goodbye and everything turned upside down for me. I feel sad and I was hesitant to go Bangkok after that. I was afraid that memories will haunt me when I go there again. I'm worried that if I go to the places where we've been to before I might suddenly remember him and I would burst into tears. 

Tickets and hotel were already confirmed and paid for so there's no backing out. My friend doesn't have any clue on what I've been going through that time. I didn't want to tell her. 

16dec2010 we landed safely at Suvarnabhumi airport, this was not the airport we went to before so everything is a brand new experience.

We stayed at Sukhumvit area, a different district from where we stayed. so far, so good. 

On our second day, we went to MBK. this was the first mall we went to back in 2004. memories came flooding in... oh-oh! we where looking for some tamarind candies for pasalubong. and now, we were doing exactly what we were doing 6 years ago! no, i didn't cry. i just remembered him and  i just felt sad. but I've pushed it aside and continue to do what i need to do. this is a business side trip not a trip down memory lane. and besides, i promised myself I'm moving on. 

the rest of the day went by okay though occasional thoughts about him and the Bangkok tour would come up but still it was a good day!

memories didn't bother me the remainder of the tour. everything became bearable even the heat and exhaustion. my source of comfort is this uber yummy pad thai. It melts all the pain away. :) I ate it for 3 days for lunch and dinner. 

pad thai! *drooling*

when it was time to go home, I looked back... and it wasn't bad after all. It was a test on how will I handle the 'goodbye', I think I came through just fine. :)  

I'm glad I went to Bangkok. all the memories old and new, whomever I'm with is still a happy memory I'll cherish. I'm pretty sure I'll be visiting Bangkok soon. 

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