Tuesday, May 3, 2011

coffee break

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Earlier today I accompanied "Jericho" (my twin brother from another mother) in his job interview. He'll be thrilled to know that I called him Jericho,. eewww! wahaha! Anyway, he almost convinced me to apply for the job too but something's holding me back. I have to wait for a few months before I can decide if  I'm going to look for a new job or not. There are alot of applicants today. I pity the other guy because he got rejected due to insufficient years of work experience. The applicants today kinda remind me of myself 5 years ago when I was submitting resumes left and right in hopes of finding a job abroad.

This is a common sight if we go and visit employment agencies. The place is almost always packed. Nowadays, right after college everyone wants to leave. Nobody wants to be left behind but who can blame them they just want a better future for their family. Circumstance led them to chose those path. The government should do something about this problem. Create jobs and give the people a decent pay so noone will be tempted to leave or resort to corruption or other wrongful deeds. Government should do something about this rapid brain. We are rearing a parent less generation. And we all know that families are important in honing a person's well being. I just hope in the future everything will turn out all right.

Back to my story... Unfortunately, my twin brother didn't make it. Half of me feels relieved that he'll be staying with us longer, another half feels sad seeing him lose hope.

Nothing but tall mocha frap could cheer him up. And so to Starbucks we went, sat and drank our fraps without talking. Stayed there for 2 hours or so till he was ready...ready for another challenge life has to offer.

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