Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PHL airports

A travel site named the guide to sleeping in airports voted NAIA as #5  worst airport in the world and #1 worst airport in Asia.

It doesn't come as a surprise, having been in the airport premises for nearly 8 years (for work and travel)  I can say that we belong to that list, not only NAIA but half a dozen of our domestic airports as well.

Let's say 15,000 passengers per day x 750 terminal fee x 365 days. do the math. What I can't understand is that where did it all the money go?!

NAIA had been my home for 2 years (2003-2005). I don't know if the passenger noticed it but when it rains potted plants suddenly appears at the departure lobby. These plants supposedly absorb/catch water dripping from the terminal ceiling. bright idea huh?!

I have not visited NAIA for almost 4 years now, and I've heard it got worse. Aside from outdated facilities, I heard horror stories about utility personnel asking for 'tip' from passengers using the toilet. At first, I thought its ridiculous and my friend just misinterpreted the way the utility person helped him. But after hearing accounts of the same incident happening to 3 more person I finally accepted the fact that it does exist. Wow, that is just so wrong!

Aside from NAIA, other domestic airport are also in bad state. I wish I had taken photos of the said airports.

One classic example is Caticlan Airport, year in year out  there is a steady flow of tourist arriving and leaving the airport. As far as I can remember, Boracay was famous more than 10 years ago, I was still in college when Secretary of Tourism Mina Gabor went there and said that Boracay waters are clean and safe. The point is, that was eons ago and still Caticlan Airport is small.  I went there 2008 off peak season and boy, the waiting area is packed. Its lean season! What if its summer or peak season?! What will happen to the passengers waiting there? With more than a decade of Boracay's fame weren't the airport officials collected enough money to expand or even repair the airport?!  You don't have to imagine how small or how crowded it can get in Caticlan Airport. I found a video.

off peak, see how small the airport is.

A very crowded Caticlan Airport

I wouldn't mind paying a little higher airport tax if they can make sure that the taxes goes to the improvement of the facilities.

Case in point, Siem Reap, Cambodia. We paid 25USD roughly around 1100php. But the airport is nice, though its quite small its still nice and cozy. More hi-tech than our airport at the same time you can see traces of Cambodian Architecture. You don't see that in NAIA. 

Siem Reap Airport *photo taken from*

Airports are the first thing the tourist see when they come and visit us. We don't wanna ruin their 1st encounter/experience with us. I do hope the government would do something about it, after all its named after PNoy's dad.

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