Monday, October 13, 2008

birthday wish

for my birthday... here are some of my wishes

1. lots of travel opportunities [ more VL allotment, please!; more free tickets and more sponsors!!!] still counted as 1 wish, okay?!

2. hope to find that someone I can grow old with. whom I can share my happiness, dreams, aspirations and passion. [enter: cla clang's theme song: When will it be ME?!]

3. in line with wish number 1, I wish to go to US to visit my relatives and see my nanay!

4. more opportunities to make a difference!

5. on material things, I want to have a laptop

6. a DSLR camera, preferably Canon 450d

7. for my grandest wish... I want a brand new car!!!

and lastly, WORLD PEACE!!! wehehe!


Askmewhats said...

Lapit na bday mo goddess! what are your plans :)

gaiLie said...

wehehe! just got back from bora with bogart and friends. had a great time there! i celebrated my birthday in the beach for a change, wehehe!