Sunday, January 6, 2008

new year

Wow! Its new year, a fresh start... new adventures to take...

My top 10 things to do this 2008

1. Strengthen my Christian life ( I felt that my Christian life have been stagnant for the past year, I was not growing. Maybe because of my work, palagi may pasok pag Sunday, walang time makapag ministry, di makapag quite time. Pero ngayon, I'll DO my best to make time to be with God.)

2. Learn a new language (French language fascinates me. I think learning mandarin would really be useful someday).

3. Learn a new skill, like driving... then maybe test my driving skills sa pamamagitan ng road trip, wehehe! Maybe up north with friends, Mia, ready ka na?! Starting point naten ang Clark, tapos Pangasinan (Hundred Islands, here we come!);  then Baguio, tapos Ilocos Norte/Sur (Vigan, Pagudpod);  Cagayan Valley (Tuguegarao and Callao caves); tapos Nueva Ecija (kila sheila tayo). Don't worry, ako driver, kotse mo nga lang!

4. Climb a mountain. Commune with nature, experience and appreciate God's awesome creations (dean, ung mountain trekking na sinasabi mo, ituloy naten ha?!)

5. Learn how to swim (Mimi, walang iwanan, sabay tayo mag-aaral ha?!) tpos scuba diving naman, pag punta naten bowacay, masulit naten ang stay dun! hehe! hay, sana nga makarating tayo bora!!!

6. Photography lessons pero kailangan ko muna bumili ng camera! kailangan mag save!

7. Volunteer and become a part in a cause oriented group, its my way of giving back, pay it forward ika nga! Masarap ang feeling pag nakakatulong sa kapwa.

8. Try one or two adventure sports (river rafting or bungee jumping or surfing, sana lang I have enough guts to do it! )

9. Learn martial arts! (taekwondo/judo/karatedo)

10. Explore places, learn new culture, meet new faces ----> travel!

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