Saturday, December 15, 2007

wish upon a star

As I was watching the news the other night, I heard about the Geminid meteor shower. It is seen during mid -December, especially during 14th-15th. Last night Mimi, Sheila and I went outside and tried to see it for ourselves. After straining our necks for 3 minutes, I saw one. Then, another one and another one. It was really awesome, I was amazed. Too bad, I only saw 3 shooting stars. My roommate, Mimi also saw 3, but Sheila has the most sharp eyes, she saw 6! Hmmm... I'll mark my calendar for next year and try to watch again this spectacular show. Next time, my goal is to see a minimum of 5! hehe!

from wikipedia...
***The Geminids are a meteor shower caused by an object named 3200 Phaethon, which is thought to be an extinct comet. The meteors from this shower can be seen in mid-December and usually peak around 12-14 of the month. The Geminid shower is thought to be intensifying every year and recent showers have seen 120-160 meteors per hour under optimal conditions. The Geminids were first observed only 150 years ago, much more recently than other showers such as the Perseids and Leonids

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