Sunday, October 5, 2014

Annual Birthday Wishlist

Well, well, well... will you look at that, it' October! Last quarter of the year, time flies so fast! October means its time for the Annual Birthday Wishlist! Yay!!!

May I now present to you my wishlist...

1. Laptop  - my trusty old laptop is giving up on me. :( Well, its been 3 or more years old now. Look at the crack by the cover. I sure do need a new one. 

2. Winter Gear - October also means Fall season but if you live where I live, Fall season doesn't exist. lol Or Fall is just like for 1 week and winter feels like forever in here. So to be ready to face the hrash cold I need a reliable winter jacket and boots that can withstand a windchill of -45. brrr!!!

Arctic Winter parkas from North Face

Anti-slip Winter Boots from Columbia Sportwear

3.Backpack - I love backpacks it makes my life easy.
Herschel Back Pack 

4. Phone Case and Earphones  - Believe it or not, my iPhone 5 right now is bare, meaning I don't have any phone case/cover on it nor a screen protector on it! Crazy right?! I dropped it a few times now, what can I say, its durable and tough. I do have a lifeproof phone case for my phone however the cord that connects the phone and earphone is no longer working so I really can't use it especially if someone is calling me, I can't hear the other person. I think I can only drop it a few more times and it would finally won't work. So before that happens, I should get one asap. 

I want a blue one!

5. Old fashion handwritten letters and cards - I love chatting, texting and all that sort of technology but deep inside I also love receiving handwritten letter and cards, its more personal and thoughtful. I miss getting one from my Nanay. :( 

Thanks in advance to all my secret Santas' for the early Christmas gift AKA Birthday gift! hehe! :)

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