Saturday, July 12, 2014

must get out

I'm baaaaaaaack! Hello blogosphere, its been awhile.

The past week has been crazy. It was so crazy that I need to go away. I was so physically drained that one night I was crying. I think I was losing my mind. I needed someone to talk to but the person that I wanna talk to was nowhere to be found and was so busy with his own thing. That's when I said to myself, Screw this! I'm going somewhere, I need to leave ASAP . Immediately after, I texted my evil twin Bogart and told her that I'm going to Toronto and I'll stay on their place. I basically, self-invited myself to their house (lol). I traded and gave away some of my shifts then booked a flight to Toronto and flew a day after. It was all spur of the moment. I'm so thankful that Bogart is in Toronto and her family was gracious enough to let me stay in their house. And thanks to Annkat too for being patient with me especially that night that I was about to go insane.

Fast forward to today: I just came from back my trip. I was glad I made that decision. I had to a great time there. Its nice to get away from the all the craziness; to step back a bit, to break away from work routine and give myself a chance to breathe and relax. Still not quite ready to get back to work yet but that's life. Oh well, there's always next time.  I'm looking forward to my next get away.
be free!
Parliament House (Toronto)

The Vintage Code( Kensington Market, Toronto)

view across Square One Mall (Mississauga)

Credit Lighthouse
As the old adage goes, All work and no play makes a dull boy/girl. So peeps, give yourself a break. Find something that will help you relax. Traveling does it for me; and I must say blogging is therapeutic for me too.  Don't take life seriously, no one get out alive anyway.
Cheers and have good weekend everyone! 

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