Sunday, May 13, 2012

Start of Gailie's Dayoff Series

On my previous blog, must get out I said really need a break and I meant it. I need to go somewhere otherwise I'd go crazy.

In a week, I have 2 rest days. Its enough for a short day trip or an overnight stay somewhere. My rest day  falls on a weekday (Wed-Thu for April; Thu-Fri for May) which is a good thing because its an off peak day which means less people and rates are cheaper. 

My last off day for April (25th-26th) was a great kick off to my lakwatsa. Originally, I am planning to go to Davao but I was having second thoughts coz the flight time won't coincide with my schedule. Last minute, I made a decision to go Puerto Princesa and save Davao for later. 

24th monday evening, I asked my manager if can leave work early. Flight time is 5:50 PM, my work ends by 6:00 PM. My manager said, that won't do. I was disheartened, and I gave up. After 1 hour, my boss said, we can work around the schedule, I can come in an hour early so that I can leave by 5:00 PM. And so, that's what I did. I packed my clothes and went to work. My duty that day was to close the flight, after all the passengers had boarded I informed the flight attendant that I am taking the flight too. 

1 hr and 10 minutes later, I landed safely at Puerto Princesa Airport. And so Gailie's DayOff officially starts.

In the following days I'll be posting some of my short trips… it'll be under Gailies' day off series. Stay tuned! 


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