Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gailie's Day Off Series: Puerto Princesa

This is not my first time to visit Puerto Princesa but that was 10 years ago. Its  just fitting to revisit this beautiful place once more.

visiting Puerto Princesa 10 years ago

Josh and I set off early to go island hopping. Surprisingly, Honda Bay is about 30minutes ride away from the city. From Honda Bay, we rented a banca to bring to us to different islands. 

island hopping, here we go!

First stop is Cowrie Island, named after the cowrie shells found abundantly within the island. The beach is isolated as explained by our boatman, not many tourist visit it coz its just very near Honda Bay. So Josh and I took the opportunity to swim and have the beach to ourselves. 40 minutes had passed before we set out for another island.

swimming in cowrie island

between the sand and sea

Next stop is, Luli island. Luli is short for LUlubog LIlitaw island. During high tide the island is submerged in water and will resurface during low tide hence the name. We didn't swim but we took photos and scanned the area. There were privately owned houses, I wonder how much did the island cost.

beautiful sandbar

colorful flags

fish feeding and snorkel area

We opted to skip the snorkel site. 

Next is Starfish Island, this is my favorite island. There was a big frame where you can take photos and a sandbar, mountain and sea serves as your background. We took a swim for more than an hour till we heard our tummy rumbling. It's almost lunch time. The boatman said, the last stop is where we will have our lunch. 

starfish island

frame up!

sand, sea and sky as background

with manong boatman

I forgot the name, I think its Pandan Island. This is my least favorite island, everything is so expensive. Aside from that, there were so many tourists. The entrance fee is 100PHP per person. Then you need to rent table or cottage for you to eat or rest, a small table cost around 300PHP As for food, they allow guests to bring their own food. Unfortunately for us, we didn't brought any food. So, we just bought crabs and dried squid from a store and have it cooked. 

chow time

After lunch, we went back to the city. Josh still needs to go to work while I stay at the hotel to rest. 

On my 2nd day, we woke up late. There are no plans for this day. We don't want to avail of the city tour coz I've been to those places before. I just had a quick stop at a souvenir store to buy some cashew nuts. Then went back straight to the hotel to pack my things and sleep before my flight.

see you again Puerto Princesa

My 2 day stay in Puerto Princesa was a  relief; a great way to escape from all that stress. In span of 10 years, the beaches are still amazing and clean. I wish authorities can maintain it for the next 10 to 20 years. 
Can't wait for my next short day trip! Hmmm… where should I go?! Any suggestions?  

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