Sunday, March 11, 2012

leap year

I recently watched Leap Year, the movie. And i liked it for 4 reasons:

1. Declan (Matthew Goode) reminds me of someone... it made me smile throughout the movie. 

2. Maybe I should have done the 'leap year move'. invite that 'someone' to Ireland and pull that move. wahaha! but then again, i think i cannot do it. i'm not that brave enough and i'm not that desperate yet. as my friend AnnKat would say, we can still afford to be choosy. wahaha!

3. loved the scene where they were traveling by car and bus. road triiiiip! i'm a sucker for road trips and the unexpected adventures encountered along the way. 

4. there were also beautiful spots shown... makes me wanna add Ireland to one of the places i should visit.

So there, its not as good as the other romcom hit movies but as i said, i liked it. you'll never know you might like it too! :) 

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