Sunday, January 22, 2012

the year that was...

2011 has been very challenging right from the start. There were hard lessons that taught me a lot about life, love, friendship and many other things.

*I learn to appreciate those who truly care and never take them for granted. 
*I stopped seeking recognition / approval from those persons that doesn't value who you are. Even if we try to do our best if they didn't care at all it won't matter to them.
*In retrospect, its good to know that God always know everything... as my room mate Mimi would always say, God knows who does not work.
*In love, we will never bring back what you had and everyday we live by that decision/by that regret. so learn to value what you have before its too late.
*There are times when I really want to give up ... Thank you Lord for the reminder that whatever happens YOU are the hope we cling on to. 

This 2012,  I pray that'll be a good year. and I'm happy to say that as of now, it started out great. I've finally received that email I have been waiting for, and it bears good news! 

So here's to a new year filled with more good news and a good life ahead of us.

Let's all....

smile. save. learn more. blog. jog. walk. dream. organize. get moving. de-clutter. unwind. travel. discover. sleep right. move on. let go. love. love. love. go fight win! and lastly, hang on, hold tight and enjoy life's crazy ride!

God bless us all. :)

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