Monday, January 2, 2012

thank you 2011!

Heartbroken that's how I started my 2011. As they say, Broken hearts don't kill us. We only sometimes wish they did.   Throughout the rest of the year, that's how I have been 'broken' with several happy moments in between. Even if  2011 was not that good, I still have a lot of things to be thankful for. And these people made me survive 2011.

*in random order*

  • Tadz - I do not where to start but let me say that I'm forever grateful for all your help. I don't know how to repay all your kindness and generosity not only to me but to the rest of the family. I may not be able to repay all your kindness, but I know HE will be the one to giveyou back all the blessings. 
  • Family - Family will always be there no matter what. With me on the verge of unemployment, my sister agreed to take care of me. :) *it's payback time* wahaha! I told my dad about the situation, he never said a word and was willing to take me back. My mom and brother have been very supportive, I'm very lucky to have all of them in my life.

  • 'Dex' - Dex and Em.  Em and Dex, that's how it should be. Well, at least in the book and movie. But oftentimes, life does not imitate art. I thought I lost you...  Thank you for teaching me about love, sacrifice and pain. 

  • Law - muh brotha from anotha motha. We didn't get along well at first, we were bickering all time. well, we still are but its just us acting childish. Law, you always took care of us and think of our welfare, You'd always come to our rescue whether its a disruptive passenger, or we don't have a ride home, or we need your car for errands, you're always there. You've always been a team player, and you've taken bullets for us. It saddens me that we have to part. Thank you for everything, I'm forever indebted to you.
  • Shei - We've been friends for 8 long years and I tell you this is not goodbye. We've been through some bad times... and yet we still manage to work out our differences. Thank you for being a friend through and through. 

  • Rest of MAA - Mimi, Josh and Nel: My Crazy Clark Family. Its been 5 1/2 years and it has been a CRAZY ride with you guys. 
              Mimi -  ever since I  moved in to Clark, you have been very accommodating. Thank you for making my life easier. You patiently listen to my heartbreak stories even if you heard it a million times before and even if I didn't heed your advice I never heard you say,  'I told you so'. I have gazillions reasons to thank you and space is enough, THANK YOU for all the things you've done for me. I may have left my sister in QC but I also found one here in Clark. 

              Josh - you always made me smile. Thank you for keeping up with my unpredictable mood swings and always trying to make things lighter.

             Renel -  you're the last one to join our rowdy family and made the effort to adjust to us.  Thank you for all the support, understanding and love you showed especially when I'm upset or in a bad mood

We will be all working together soon. Till next time. :)

  • Whine and Dine Partner - Bambi AKA Bogart and Cla :  From Bangkok to Macau to Hong Kong to Camiguin we traveled far and wide together and been through a lot, I'd like to thank you for listening to my endless whines and sharing yours as well. hehe! :) looking forward for more whine and dine sessions with you two.
             Bogart - My evil twin sister, my partner in kalokohan. :) Thank you for keeping up with my pranks and crazy antics; for not getting tired from listening to my endless chika and whining! We'll continue being crazy in another continent, hopefully soon! *fingers crossed

             Cla - My soul sister, my partner in senti moments.  Whenever I need someone to call just to express my sadness or just need someone to vent out my emo heartaches, you're always there. The one who supports me in everything I do... Thank you Cla! We will soon find Prince Charming. :)

  • Nino - You brought fun and spontaneity to my dull after flight nights... chikahan, DVD marathon, food trip, spur of the moment lakwatsa, coffee and inuman sessions I don't drink, I'm just accompanying nino. defensive?! Almost every night whenever we get home you're by the door or at the gate, you've always been friendly and cheerful. You know our weakness... FOOD! You had us by 4 bottles of C2. wahaha! I'm really glad that we got to know you. Thanks to you, every night is fun night! :)

Thank you for making 2011 a memorable one! See you this 2012! :)

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