Sunday, August 7, 2011

Something Borrowed

Movies are made to entertain us, to make us happy or sad, oftentimes it teaches us a lesson, and sometimes it mirrors our lives, some way or  another it reminds us of memories, good or bad that had happened in our lives. There are movies that evoke or awaken our feelings, feelings that we pushed aside knowing that it is better to have it stay hidden.

And so this is one of those movies. Last night, I watched Something Borrowed. I heard that it didn't receive good reviews in the US, still I like the movie. For others, this is just another chick flick but for me its more than that.

At first, I thought I was like Rachel, the 30 something terminally single girl who had feelings for Dex but kept her feelings to herself. The problem is Dex is getting married and he realized that he loved Rachel too but he isn't man enough to call the wedding off. I thought that part was a ripoff from my life minus the best friend part of course. And then there's this line that Rachel said "'s hard to see you with her..." kinda reminds me of what had happened a few years ago. At least in the movie, Rachel made a choice. 

But towards the end, I think I'm more like Ethan. The silent type who would still be there for his love even if it pains him to see her with someone else; who would push you to go after your one true love just to make you happy; who would keep all your secrets; the one who would fight for you and defend you, if there's a fight he'll always be on your side. And Ethan knows when to stop, and walk away, to not pursue things that aren't meant to be. 

So yeah, I guess I'm more of an Ethan than a Rachel.

And like in the movies, I'll have my happy ending too. :)

P.S. I think Colin Egglesfield stole my heart. hehe! Loved the sountrack too! 

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