Tuesday, March 29, 2011

march: gone too soon

I know March isn't over yet but I felt march had just passed by too quickly.

It was a roller coaster of emotions.

1st week: expenSING!

Our whole family went to Singapore and Malaysia. I promised my younger brother (2 yrs ago) that if he'd make it at least up to top 5 of his class I'll bring him to SG as a treat. And guess what, he was on the Top of his class that year! Let me clear things, we're not well off, every year I have 6 free tickets and I have to use it or else it will be forfeited that's why I travel. ( aside from the fact that I'm lakwatsera by nature.) At times, I think having free tickets is more of curse than a blessing but that deserves a whole new post.

So anyway, what can I say about Singapore? I went there 8 years ago when they are rebuilding their tourism sector after SARS hit them. Well now, SG has  Marina Bay Sands, F1 night race, Universal Studios, but I think nothing much has changed. They are still one of the most modern cities here in Asia; and they draw in lotsa lot of tourists but honestly, I think Philippines offer more! anyhoo, I like Singapore but you won't expect me to go there every year or as often as I go to KL because SG is expensive! ( for me, kase I'm kuripot.) hehe!  *sigh* bankrupt na ko.

top: great view from our hotel; bottom: Petronas Tower and my mom,dad and bro at the Skybridge

2nd week: mindaWoW

Barkada trip down south! Our 1st time in Mindanao and everyone had a blast. We went to Camiguin, Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon, 3 places and a whole lot of adventure! It took us 3 different modes of transportation and about 5 hours travel time but I tell you Camiguin is so worth it! Tick another activity in my bucket list, we went river rafting! yeah! \m/

top: rafting adventure; bottom: enjoying White Island, Camiguin

3rd-4th week:  Nars on duty

Last March 25th  my mom had a scheduled  lap cholecystectomy. (for those non-medical peep like me, it means that they are taking off my mom's gall bladder) I took another leave to be able to assist my mom with her operation and recovery. But last 22nd March I got an urgent text from my sister. She got confined at the hospital because of dehydration. The entire week was spent taking care of my loved ones. (no complaints here.)  The real challenge was they are on different hospital; my sister is in E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave and my mom is in Fairview. But God is so good that when my sister was discharged, my mom got admitted in the hospital; Atleast I don't have to run back forth in between 2 hospitals. My sister is back to work and my mom is at home recuperating. I had a very interesting experience and realization about public hospitals. I'll tell more about it next time.

March drained me. I hope April would be alot better.

p.s. A huge Thank you to all of you who prayed for my mom's successful operation. :)

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