Saturday, February 5, 2011

random musings

It's Saturday night and I'm here in my room letting my mind wander. What better way to spend the weekend but to put words to my thoughts.

so what's on my mind right now?

Mc Donald's is celebrating its 30th anniversary (here in the Philippines) and they're bringing back some of their well-loved TV commercials. I really love this particular tvc, it brings a lot of memories, good and not-so-good memories.

let's watch...


I've written a letter a few months ago , I wanna post it here just to let it all out from my system. My friend Cla, read it and advised me not to publish it coz its too personal. Upon reading my letter, she understood and felt my wrath, my hurt and my pain. Now, I feel better even if I wasn't able to publish it here, it was good to know that someone can identify with me. Writing helps alleviate the pain. Maybe someday, I'll have the guts to publish it here. I'm okay but still there are moments that memories kept creeping back. I try to shrugged it off.


I love reading The Professional Heckler's blog. His posts are witty and are fun to read. There are  times (while reading heckler's blog) my colleagues would catch me smirking and trying to suppress laughter to myself . They must've thought I'm a lunatic. Visit his blog and I'm sure you'll be laughing in no time. Right now, I'm waiting for Professional Heckler's game on twitter (the game is every Saturday night, 930-1100). Last week I joined his game for the first time and my entry got selected and was included in his blog. Beginner's luck. wahaha! It was so fun. His question was, what would you answer if Pnoy asked you to marry him. There are alot of hilarious replies, read here. My reply got picked last minute, check out #78, that's me. :)

update: professional heckler's game is over. and my entry this week wasn't selected. oh well, better luck next time.


I have to let this out guys, sorry. I've been keeping it to myself for the past weeks, I just have to let it out. Whoever is reading this and thinks that he/she is the subject of this post, all I can say is bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan ay pangit! wahaha! :P

To whom it may concern, I could be mean if I want to but I chose not to stoop down. I know a lot about you, and I can reveal everything I know that could ruin your life. You have a lot to lose and I don't know if you could live with that. I wonder how well you sleep at night? Peace of mind is hard to get these days. I pray that you come to your senses and change.

Wow, that feels good! I sounded like a b*tch though. Sorry, but I feel the need to let it out. 


Today, TJ is 1 week old! I love naming my gadgets, it kinda makes it personal.  Meet Team Apple, we are called Team Apple because Josh and Renel bought Ipad and I was tempted to buy one too, but I think I need a laptop not Ipad. Hence, I bought a macbook.  The first few days, I was having difficulty with TJ. Mac's OS is different from Windows, and I've been using Windows ever since I learned how to operate a computer so I need to adjust. As of now, I'm getting the hang of it and it's not that hard, in fact, the function keys are easier, but that's just me , I guess. I'm a Mac convert now.


newest member of Team Apple * I can't find an updated picture*

the crazy ones, love this ad too!

I read a blog entry of Paolo Coehlo end of last year. At that time, I was going through a rough patch and upon reading this,  I was enlightened. 2011 is my year of unlearning things/habits. To quote what Paolo Coehlo eloquently wrote, "Remember that there was a time when you could live without that thing or that person – nothing is irreplaceable, a habit is not a need."

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