Friday, July 18, 2008

purely platonic

as mentioned on my previous post 'on an impulse' , im going to Kota Kinabalu with a friend.

did i told you that this friend is a 'he'?!

when i told my friends about it, alot of eyebrows rose.
[read: you?! travelling alone with him?! there must be something between the two of you?!]

no, we're not romantically involved. we just both love to travel. its just that he wants to go to the beach [coz he loves it so much] and as for me, i'd like to have my much needed vacay. its all about timing.

i dont need to explain myself or my actions (but here am i explaining...) nelly and i are just friends, it may sound as a cliche but its the truth. i dont have any romantic feelings for him and vice versa ... just friends, purely platonic. YES, purely platonic friendship between a guy and girl is POSSIBLE, trust me.

(my heart still belongs to someone else. yahoo! )

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