Wednesday, July 16, 2008

on an impulse

a few days ago, a friend whom i haven't spoken to for quite sometime, buzzed me on YM. he said he wants to go ko Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia next month and asked me if i'm free, without missing a beat, i said yes! and right away we scheduled our trip. after agreeing on what day we'll leave and planning our i am booking his ticket for the flight.

nellie and i both share the same passion for travel. and whenever we got a chance to talk, we often asked one another, what place are we going to visit...but we never got to do it. now finally, our travel plans pushed through.

i think, sometimes its better to do things spontaneously.


Askmewhats said...

really? when? Enjoy!!!!

gaiLie said...

yep! 2nd week august, we're all set! nabook ko na flights and nabook na rin nya hotel namen. we're good to go! ay, pocket money na lang pala.wehehe. punta pa kame sa KL eh after Kota. wehehe.