Sunday, June 7, 2015


2014 what happened?

It started out so great and then last quarter was a disaster. I don't know how it started awesome and ended with dismay.

I get to travel for most part of the year, Philippines (Jan-Feb), US (October/December) and domestic Canada (Toronto - July; Calgary - September).  A lot of firsts also happened this year but not all those first are good memories. There are lessons taught to me and I have to learn it the hard way.

* when you love, save something for yourself because when they leave you'll be left with nothing
* patterns never lie. everything else changes except this one. watch out and look for the signs. Do not ignore it. do not make excuses for him to comfort yourself. 
* learn to appreciate everything (people, things, moments, efforts). it goes a long way. show someone that they are special no matter how busy you are. say hi, send a text or email to your mom, dad, family and friends. ask them how their day went. appreciate the people that cares for you, thank them for the effort and time they put into it. money can be replaced but the time someone has set aside for you is priceless. 
*stand by your word. back in the days, your word is your honor. as for me, when i say, i'll do something, i'll do my best to fulfill it. 
*humility - its not about who is wrong or who is right but sometimes acknowledging that we are not perfect is good enough and assure them that you'll make it up to them.

Still, 2014 is memorable and I like to thank these people who inspired me and made me hope that the best years of my life are still ahead. Here are my 2014 People of the Year

Capt and Biker- They are 2 amazing individuals. I haven't talked to them much but I saw that they were able to fulfill their lifelong dream. They made me hope that someday I too will be able to do my own adventure of a lifetime. Capt has achieved his dream to be become a pilot, it sure did took a while but he got there. He did it! Nothing is impossible while Biker here is currently on an adventure with the love of his life. Cycling from North America to South America, they've been in the road for several months now. I wish I could do that too. It's still on my bucket list and I know I'll do it someday. 

Cla - Thank for being my voice of reason. Thanks for reminding me to love myself and put myself first before others. You may not know all the story but you're always there to listen to me.

ACT - for always, always being there. You never get tired of cheering for me even if i have not been a good friend to you.

AnnKat - You've always come through whenever I need you. Wherever you are, whenever I send you a message you never bail out on me. Thank you for always being there.

Bogart - never a dull moment with you. You've always been a great travel companion. I wish we could live in the same province together. It would be really awesome. Here's to more lakwatsa days, booze and mischief moments.

Midnight Boys (Rye, Jay, Fran & Dave) - working at nights with you guys are always the best! being a night auditor for the first time, you were all supportive and helpful guiding me at work. and when i'm alone, you've always check on me if I am alright. Through heavy snow, dealing with suspicious persons, calming down drunk guest, you always got my back. Graveyard shifts are the best! lol Thank you all for taking good care of me.

Rachel, Nads and Shei - Though we are miles and miles apart, all of you never forget to say Hi or check how am I doing. You don't know how it means a lot to me. Thank you girls for always remembering me.

The constant persons on my list are my family here and back at home. Words are not enough but from the bottom of my heart, Thank you, Thank you for everything, I would not be here without you all. Looking forward to 2015. 


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