Thursday, October 14, 2010

2010 birthday getaway

Just got back from our 6-day Birthday getaway. This is Bambi's post birthday celebration, she turned 30 last September; It'll be my turn ( to be 30) on the 24th and Vina's 26th birthday on 20October; 3 destinations for 3 ladies celebrating life! Our first destination is Guimaras, then Concepcion, Iloilo and last stop Bacolod. 

Travel thoughts:

As a sat at the back of the tricycle, I was saw Guimaras' scenic landscape. I never get to feel this on the city, the air is clean, no skyscrapers to block your view of clear skies; and no annoying traffic to ruin your schedule. 

Concepcion roadside scenery offers a glimpse on everyday rural life.

And lastly, Bacolod has a very festive vibes because Masskara festival is just days away from the celebration. 

We had lots of misadventures on this tour, but certainly had fun!

Reviews, adventures and guides on next blog post. Stay tuned!

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