Thursday, June 10, 2010


how can a simple assessment test change my life?!
i took a simple assessment test and it changed everything. suddenly, i'm more qualified than my sister. which means i'd be the first one to leave. if everything goes well, i'd be the first one to leave my life, my friends, my  dream job, my everything... a first step away from the life i've known...

what does it take to give up your dreams (temporarily, i hope)?
family's future? a father's secret wish to see her mom before its too late? your mother's health issues? once i take that first step, there's no turning back (unless the consul decides otherwise). i know it wont be smooth sailing but i just wish it would be worth it, for everyone's sake.

when everyone is pinning their hopes on you, would you have the heart to let them down?
nothing's final yet. talked to my mom, she said if i don't wanna go, they understand. whatever the outcome they'll respect my decision. but there's a nagging feeling that i might miss this opportunity and at the same time scared to leave everything behind. oh well, i still have a month or two to think things over. 

Lord, give me the wisdom to discern your will, strength to carry on. Thy will be done. Amen.


pmm012 said...

AMEN! ang hirap ng ganyan.. para ung feeling bago ka tumalon sa bungee jump.. kahit alam mong hindi ka tuluyang babagsak, nandun pa rin ung pakiramdam na hindi mo alam kung tama bang tumalon ka.. kapit lang.. im sure, malalampasan mo din yan, kahit ano pa man maging desisyon mo..

Luisa said...

Sa ganyang sitwasyon isa lang natutunan ko, kapit lang kay Lord and talagang tutok sa message nya sa everyday devotion ko with him. I f you have strong faith na matutupad mu mga pangarap mu at ng mga taong mahal mo by staying here in the philippines it will happen talaga just act in your faith in God. Aja!

youhana said...


gaiLie said...

@paolo: sakto yung pagkaka-describe mo, ganun na ganun nga ang feeling. :) sana makapag decide na nga ako, lapit na mag-july.

@luisa: still seeking God's will... :) thanks.

@youhana: thanks.