Friday, December 4, 2009

gratitude journal

A couple of days back I've read that Oprah has a 'Gratitude Journal'.

Having inspired by this, I started my own journal last December 1 . My goal is to list a least 10 things that I'm thankful for for that particular day. It's really hard to list 10 things when I'm having a really crappy day. But I think it's also a good practice of seeing things in a positive way, of having a new perspective.

3 Dec gaiLie's thankful for...

> breezy cold mornings
> being able to get up and report for work even if I'm not feeling well
> being able to get to work on time! hehe!
> knowing someone remembered and missed me
> crazy (in a good way) officemates
> coming up with new ideas (which means my brain is still functioning. hehe!)
> discovering a new hobby
> being able to get to laugh heartily
> knowing someone can identify with me and understands how i feel
> electricity ans the comfort it brings ( brownout sa apartment, good thing sa office hinde :)

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jesse said...

muy interesante tu blog te invito a ver el mio