Monday, October 19, 2009

im baaaack

Its been a month since I posted a blog. been very busy this September...

19-23 September

I went to Guangzhou, China with my office mates. we had tons of misadventures on this tour. and it really tested our patience. Detailed post regarding my Guangzhou misadventures, I'll try to publish next week.

26 September

Who wouldn't forget this fateful day. I was on duty and I haven't had a clue on what was going on in Manila. I get updates and reports from my friends' facebook accounts on what is happening, floods everywhere, waters rising, people stranded trying to go home. I feel helpless. I can't help wondering what happened to my family at home. Back here at work, several airline carriers have diverted their flights in Clark . Our afternoon flight has about 70% no show guests. Most of them are stuck somewhere in Metro Manila and couldn't make it ontime.

can't hardly see the ramp due to strong rain

27 September

The aftermath of Ondoy's wrath was seen all over the news and the internet. It breaks my heart to see our beloved countrymen being trapped in their own houses, missing family members, houses and cars carried away by the strong current.

God is good. Let us count our blessings. Ondoy happened on Saturday, so most of the kids are safe at home. I could just imagine parents worried sick about their children being stranded in school or on their way home. The continuous rain occurred during the day, not at night when it's really dark and most of us are asleep. I continue to pray for our countrymen and our beloved Philippines. God Bless us all.

When the oceans rise and thunders roar

I will soar with You above the storm

Father you are King over the flood

I will be still and know You are God

03 October

Pepeng, another strong typhoon hit Philippines. My mom is in Northern Luzon that time. We were so relieved that she was able come home safely. And we really miss her even if she was just away for 3 days. It's hard not to have our mom at home. She make sure that everything s in order, everything is taken care of. As the eldest in the family, I temporarily filled in for her. Boy, it was a big role to fulfill. Sometimes, we neglect our parents, specially our moms. We all know the importance of our mom in our lives, so hug them, say your iloveyou's, cherish every moment.

Hopefully, in the coming weeks I can update my blog on a regular basis.


pmm012 said...

welcome back.. red cross and caritas still receiving donations. its never too late to help

gaiLie said...

hi! yep, it's good to be back. :)

i heard about that (red cross and carita). we already sent our donations. ;)