Friday, February 13, 2009

25 random things

This '25 random things' has been going on for a few weeks now in blogoshere... here's my own list

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it is because I want to know more about you. i won't be tagging anyone so if you're up for the challenge, what are you waiting for, write those 25 thingys about you!

25. i am a chocoholic. i have a sweet tooth.

24. i hate patis (fish sauce), vinegar and ketchup. the only condiment i like is soy sauce.

23. i once set a balloon on fire and it exploded near my face. my hair got burned including right eyebrow. luckily, i still have my eyesight.

22. i loooooooooove traveling....'nuff said.

21. a friend called me 'kaladkarin' because i would not hesitate to join/tag along if someone invited me to go on a tour. no second thoughts, (as long as it is budget travel) i would immediately look at my work schedule and plan away. as they would say....madaling kaladkarin basta lakwatsa!

20. whenever i tell my friends that i'm really a shy and quiet person... a lot of eyebrows rose... i wonder why?! wehehe! :P

19. i have top 10 things to do and top 10 must see places in my lifetime! and i planning to accomplish it all!

18. i can speak 1 dialect (waray) and understand 3 other dialects.

17. i had a total of 8 jobs since i graduated. the shortest one lasted for 1 day. the next one was 2 for weeks.

16. this is my second lease on life. my sister told me that according to my dad, when i was still an infant i had a very high fever, i turned blue and nearly died... they soaked me in a tub full of ice to lower down my temperature.

15. i loooove Naruto anime. i'm reading the manga series (naruto) and watching naruto episodes online. it gives importance on family, friendship and excellence. and it's really funny!

14. i used to play arcade games ... i finished the jurassic park; house of the dead 1,2 and 3; and time crisis (* not sure about the series though), shooting those dinos and zombies are a sure way to beat stress. aw, i miss playing ... must get out fast! wahaha!

13. im fascinated with with photography, and i'm hoping to buy my DSLR cam before the year ends. and get some lessons too!

12. i always wonder how it feels like to have an older brother...a kuya who would look after me...

11. i'm really not a writer or an eloquent story teller but i started blogging last quarter of 2007... just to release my pent-up emotions, to serve as an avenue for my thoughts and a way to share my passion for travel and photography.

10. i fell inlove with Boracay...i'd definitely be going back there soon!

9. i can't sing as much as i want to rock out ... i'm tone deaf. poor me!

8. i am bungisngis... i laugh heartily and when i start laughing it's hard for me to stop.

7. i really want to join The Amazing Race! i even downloaded the application form, sadly one of the requirement is having an international license...whoa, i don't even know how to drive. i'll take driving lessons first then maybe reconsider joining again.

6. i'm kinda childish in nice sort of way. wehehe!

5. patience is not one of my virtue.

4. my childhood dream is to become a stewardess

3. "require not things to happen as you wish but wish them as they do happen and you will go on well" - euripedes. i so love this quote.

2. i roamed KL city streets and Hong Kong on my own out of curiosity

1. love is elusive to ME... hay... always 'almost there' but never able to continue to happily ever after...

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