Sunday, November 30, 2008

unofficial off

after all the mental stress and emotional torture i went through last week, i declared 'Sunday', 30 november, my unofficial dayoff! my body can't take any more stress, i felt weak, i wasn't able to eat right and get enough sleep from past week. plus the fact that i travelled from QC to Pampanga 3 times last week, it was indeed tiring. and it has taken toll on my body.
earlier today, i decided to not to report to work and call in sick. i stayed at home and get my long awaited undisturbed sleep. i slept practically the whole day. ahhhh......
now, i can say, im recharged and ready for the next battle! round 2!!!


Askmewhats said...

how are you feeling? Better after the recharge?

gaiLie said...

hi niks! im okay, pero medyo bitin. i need a looooooooong vacation! wehehe! but i can manage. wehehe! how are you?!