Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ms. scribble

when i have nothing else to do... i just grab a pen or any stuff that can write and paper then scribble away! i doodle meaningless words, phrases, names whatever comes to my mind. i love lettering though i'm not good at it. i just want to scrawl, scrawl and scrawl some more. my notebooks way back in highschool and college you'll see the entire page (pages at the back of the notebook) is covered with lettering.

this is what i do
...when i'm bored
...when i'm daydreaming (i write my dreams) pass time unconsciously write down bits and pieces of my thoughts express what i feel/think


Askmewhats said...

oo ganyan ka talaga!!!!

gaiLie said...

oo nga eh! wahaha! hinde na ata matatanggal yang pagsusulat kong yan! wahaha!