Friday, October 10, 2008

rule 10

i broke rule number 10

...though i knew what will be the consequence(s) of my action, i still continued breaking the rule. my mind gave me all the possible logical reasons why i should stop and obey but my heart doesn't want to concede.
i was blinded and now i'm starting to see things in a different light... all i need to do is...


... stop living in the past
... stop dwelling in those what could have beens
... stop agonizing over things that had come to pass



... start living in the present
... start rearranging my life by getting back on track
... start fulfilling my dream, i don't wanna be sidetracked anymore.


Askmewhats said...

sis! hayyyyyyy dapat tuparin mo lahat ng tinayp mo dito!!!!! be ok!!! *hugs*

gaiLie said...

i'll do my best, pwamis! first step is to party at bora to unwind! wehehe!