Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the aftermath

so after 2 trips, 3 destinations with Nelly,  we bonded well and our friendship grew stronger.

through this trip, i remembered how close we were before, some details that i forgot were...

friendship way back 2004... find gail and nelly in this picture!

* his friendster comment to me... year 2005.
01/5/2005 8:55 am
gail... makulit n cool kasama. mahilig gumimik at umalis ng bansa hehe yon ang hobby niya.i will remember dis girl kc lagi niya sinasabi na walang nagmamahal sa kanya kapag walang nagtetext sa kanya that day.. daming kwento nito from, gimiks, mga B--s niya at mga days na may bad dreams siya. Sikat ito sa airport ang daming ang daming nalilink... kaya bigtime ito (joke). lapitin ng manual check-in at full load hehe pero kayang-kaya naman niya.... yan si gail.. tanx sa mga tulong mo.. hintay ko yung next trip n gimik. sama ako hehee take care ! good luck sa career n god bless... tanx(",)

> that's so true, until now i would still say, nobody cares (for me), if i haven't received any text message for a day...

* when he resigned from our former work, he lost his mobile, but we still get in touch through phone. he would call me at our house, and i would update him on latest chika.

> hmmmm...tsismoso din ang loko....wehehe!

* when i joined LTP, i'm always in Makati running from one embassy and airline ticketing office to another, at that time Nelly was on training with PAL, and i need to rebook a ticket with PAL, so i called him and he helped me.

> thanks and sorry sa mga hassle ko sa'yo.

* i had another ticket that needs rebooking, this time with CX. Nelly had just joined CX. Again, i asked for his help and he never failed me.

> thanks Nelly!

* twice (i think) while doing my errands in Makati, i would call him to accompany me to eat lunch. i would drop by at his CX office and we would eat lunch at the building cafeteria.

> its kinda lonely eating lunch alone, you know!

And, it's a given fact that we have a common interest in travelling, and now photography. he has his camera and he'll be taking his lessons. ( i'm turning green with envy). and while we were in KL, we were planning our next trip to Bali, Vietnam, New Zealand but he doesn't want to go to Mainland China. anyway, i'd better save up for another trip!

i also discovered a few things about him... he's afraid of heights and he has a good sense of direction. i thought a had a good sense of direction but he was better! (its my first time not to worry about directions while i was in HKG, not bothering where i was because i have a walking map with me,wehehe!) he loves chinese food and i'm not really a fan of chinese food.

anyway, i'm lucky to have a great travel companion. its not that hard to believe and through this trip we rekindled our friendship. hoping for more trips to come!

nelly and gail, 4 years after


Askmewhats said...

awww...he's such a nice friend, at least you have a human map with you when you take photos! heheh kaya mo yan! dont' turn green with envy, you'll be next!

gaiLie said...

nelly's really good with directions. wahaha! magkasundong magkasundo kame sa lakwatsa. wahaha! when we were in KL, we were planning what places to visit in the future. sana by that time, i have a good cam with me!