Thursday, August 21, 2008

oh gust, august!

back from hiatus, haven't been blogging for quite sometime. i was kinda busy planning for my next adventure trip.

here's what i have been doing for a couple of weeks...

1st week of August

  • watched Simple Plan's concert

save you (simple plan's newest single) and my favorite song!

shut up!

though it wasn't a success, i still enjoyed their performance. only a few people attended the said event, maybe because it was raining pretty hard at that time (i think there was a typhoon), or there weren't enough promotion or maybe because they just had a concert here a few years back and people didn't miss them that much. whatever the reason is... i'll still love 'em and will continue to watch their concert.

2nd week of August

  • on an impulse -the sweet escape to Kota Kinabalu and KL, pictures and adventures coming soon!
3rd week of August
  • back to reality... back to work... and also back to planning my temporary freedom. wehehe!
4th week of August
  • 26-28 August will attend a training (again!) in KL. and a side trip to HongKong! yehey! i learned that Nelly will also be having a training in HongKong on 25-29 August. i will meet him in HK on the 28th right after my training. its payback time! (devilish laugh). i was Nelly's tour guide when we were in KL, now its his turn to be my guide since HK is his 2nd home. we're also planning to meet up with some friends who's working in Macau. hopefully, everything will push through.


Askmewhats said...

YOU ARE VERY BUSY GAIL!!!!! I have a feeling Simple Plan's concert won't be a hit because of the super strong rain!!!!

Wow, you just came back from Kota?? How's Kota Kinabalu?? can't wait to see your photos!!!

Sis take care another trip coming up! take care Muwah *hugs*

gaiLie said...

yep, i arrived last 15 aug. you can check out my multiply site, i have some pics there.

hope to see you soon, goddess!