Friday, April 4, 2008

random pics

practice makes perfect they say, so during my spare time, i took photos. here are some of them...

that's me!!! after taking photos (oil pastel)
i couldn't resist using it to scribble down my name

clark's amazing sunset
01 apr 08
my office laptop

see the sun's rays?!


see the light?!

plastic chandelier

cool down with some iced tea

my colorful life



Askmewhats said...

goddess! ang galing! come to think of it, you're using a nonpro cam pa ha! what if you're using a pro na! I can just imagine! Go sis! let's follow our dreams! Yay!

gaiLie said...

wow! thanks! i need to practice more and save up for my a new camera! yey!

Askmewhats said...

oo up and with your skills, a good camera will show it more :) but in fairness, with regular cam, it looks great already :D